Changying Technology Co., Ltd. (DMATEK) is a company dedicated to embedded WinCE / Linux Android software and hardware research and technology development. The company built a professional ARM embedded development team in Shenzhen back in 2004 and have been continuously researching and developing the latest embedded processor technology whilst introducing embedded technology to industry users. We provide a complete self-developed product line with well-designed humanized structure, and has been following the trend in accordance to the introduction of environmental protection (RoHS) and safety standards. We aim and look to become a software and hardware provider of green electronics in Taiwan and mainland Business.

Changying Technology also conducts business and technical cooperation with upstream semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung, Freescale, Texas Instrument, STMicroelectronics etc. By absorbing and integrating those technical resources and capabilities together with our  advanced technology and professional service, we dedicated in developing comprehensive solutions for our customers.