Chang ying Technology Co., Ltd. (DMATEK) is a company dedicated to the development of software and hardware technologies for embedded ARM BASE software and hardware, UWB indoor positioning and various applications of UWB IoT systems. Our company continues to independently develop the latest embedded processor technology and various applications of UWB. We will customize various solutions and products for industry customers with excellent technology and professional services.


Business Items:

● Provide various embedded systems based on ARM architecture. Among them, our HMI products support Linux / Android / Ubuntu
    / QT / WinCE systems, and provide customized software and hardware customization services for various applications.

● Internet of Things series (UWB/ZigBee technology), dedicated to personnel and object indoor positioning systems, UWB 
   applications such as Forklift Collision Avoidance and Social distance ranging and various applications in different fields.

● Customized products: provide ARM BASE and UWB TAG / Anchor / system related software and hardware customized services.

● OEM / ODM, Secondary Development and Mass Production services.