C-011 | The Safety of Construction Site and Attendance Management

Site Safety


System Feature  

 1. Obtain and keep track of the factory personnel and location in real time. 
 2. If 5 minutes of immobile state of personnel is detected, Tag will transmit a notification to Administrator for 
     further assistance.
 3. Gateway and reference point failure report. Such function can be repeat daily. If no reports were generated it 
      indicates system is operating normally.
 4. Battery percentage, immobile time recorder and target location report. Owners are assured to keep track of
      the latest TAG status in no time.
 5. History track replay, TAG status, battery percentage, moving track, location, emergency calls and events are
      stored in the database for admins to access.
 6. Personnel management – individual managing interface
a. Direct import personnel list
b. Handy replacement for damage TAG, with just a simple scan to complete the action
c. TAG ID is replaceable with names, data rollover available on previous device
d. Admin authority configurable for personnel management.    
e. Grouping function available to distinguish different groups for a cleaner look
 7. Attendance management – Detection equipment and location required
a. Sensor detect unit through checkpoint to record attendance of each
b. Quick visual confirmation to check if the detection has been successfully completed (Display required)
c. Attendance recording including time clock function
d. Total attendance time statistic



















Relative Devices  


UWB Helmet Type TAG


Waterproof Type Anchor