C-001|Intelligent Current Supply System(TaoYuan Hakka Culture Hall)

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System feature  

1. Five electrical equipments are inside the control room, 2 power detector and 1 thermal detector 
2. The electrical equipments are controlled by ZigBee which is used to control the switch.
3. Power detector are used for electricity data, making sure the state of power supply is working properly.
4. Thermal detector is for monitoring room temperature and makes sure machine room remains normal room
5. Every data will go through the router node connecting to the internet and sends back to the server.
The server can also give commands through the router node to other equipments.
6. Wi-Fi enables remote assistance from Mobile and PC. The machine room and equipments are under control.
7. The system is equipped with monitors, monitoring every information user requires.
8. The control software displays power status and time scheduling for the response to the change of environment. 


System Architecture  





Software Interface  





 1.Switch control

 2.Schedule setting

  3.Return switch status and wiring is normal

4.Real time information monitoring display   5.Electricity analysis  6.Power distribution
7.Power consumption trend  8.System Setting   9.Local and client login operating software
10.Management system login    


Application scenarios  



 Application  Scene

Application  Scene

Application  Scene

Product Application

Product Application

Product Application



Relative Devices  




Intelligent Current
Supply Module


ZigBee Wireless communication module 


ZigBee-BT Wireless communication module