HMI-6Q Quad Core Intelligent Terminal
HMI-6Q Quad Core Intelligent Terminal
HMI-6Q Quad Core Intelligent Terminal

Quad Core HMI Smart Terminal| HMI-6Q/6D (Android/Linux)

Cortex A9 iMX6Q/D

Model: HMI6Q/6D(Android/Linux)
♦ Support Android, Linux+QT
♦ The same circuit board can support different operating systems and various
   sizes of display touch screens

♦ Support wireless communication WIFI(2.4G+5.8G), BT, 4G, NB-IoT
♦ Complete peripheral communication interface: RS232, RS-485, RJ-45, USB
    , TF, GPIO

♦ 16 GPIO defaults to 8 outputs and 8 inputs, of which 8 inputs can also be
    programmed as 
PWM*1(PIN*1)/ SPI*1(PIN*4)/ ADC*1(PIN*1)/IIC*1(PIN*2)
♦ Supports time switch function and auto save function in the event of
   unexpected power outage, etc.

♦ Supports various housing and layout to suite customers need and
   preference, the body can be open frame, fully covered, etc. Please enquire
   for more information



Android  Functions  

 Many functions have been developed under our HMI's Android system, which can also be very handy for users who are looking to develop their own application


 1.HMI supports system update, users can use OTG
    update and TF automatic update to update 
    (OTA update is customized)

 2.HMI supports bare machines to use TF card to start the
    system (We can customize and update to other systems
    and back up)

 3.SDK provides TF card to update system LOGO and
    android startup LOGO

 4.The SDK provides to set the client application as the
    system desktop, that is, the selected application will be
    displayed directly after booting

 5.SDK provides opening and closing notification bar
 6.The SDK provides a drop-down menu for enabling and
    disabling the system
 7.SDK provides open and close status bar

 8.SDK provides HMI timing restart/shutdown function

 9.SDK provides APK to directly control system 
    restart/shutdown , and non-system users allow
10.SDK provides APK to directly control the backlight
     brightness, non-system users allow permission

11.SDK provides enable and disable USB mouse and

12.SDK provides APK to directly set the system time, 
     non-system users allow permission

13.SDK provides display and close of virtual button 

14.SDK provides Android Ethernet API for direct 
     access and control Ethernet network

15.SDK provides system software keyboard enabling
     and disabling

16.SDK provides manual setting of screen orientation

17.SDK provides USB RS485 transmission

18.SDK provides peripheral hardware control (UART,

19.SDK provides PWM, IIC, SPI, ADC functions 
     (The required hardware IO support function must
explained when ordering)
20.SDK provides USB CAMERA
     (Camera that supports UVC, other equipment types 
      can be customized)
21.SDK provides dual-screen different display output, 
     which can be output by LVDS/RGB and HDMI
     Display (customized)
22.SDK provides Modbus API  (RTU and TCP 
     transmission modes can be customized)



Product Series  iMX6Q  mainboard + interface (complete) +Android 5.x/ Linux+QT 

 CT(Complete Type) :
 *. CT  Standard kit : RS232*3,RS485*1+GPIO*16+USB HOST+TF+USB OTG+HDMI+RJ45+WiFi(2.4G/5.8G)
 *. RS232*2/RS485*2  module (optional),RS232*4  module(optional)
 *. GSensor
 *. 4G  module(optional)    
 *. GPS module(optional)
 *. 800X480(R)------> R is RGB interface
 *. 1024X600(L)-----> L is LVDS interface









 6QAN/LX-CT050H   5.0"/16:9  400  800X480(R) CT  Android SDK / QT  
 6QAN/LX-CT070H   7.0"/16:9 400  1024X600(L)  CT  Android SDK / QT  
6QAN/LX-CT101H 10.1"/16:9  350  1280X800(L) CT  Android SDK / QT  




HMI Functions  



Mainboard Interface  7.0" mainboard:With a 7.0/10.1 inch LCD driver board





HMI classifications  



Appearance Display  

 * 360 degree rotation operation instructions: drag the picture with the left mouse button and move it to the left or
    right to view the product appearance in 3D。

1. HMI6QAN-CT070H-C1-7-T 


2. HMI6QAN-CT070H-C3-7-SC :




Frame Structure  



Hardware Specification

Item Description
Standard Cortex-A9 Freescale iMX6Q/6D ,4/2 core / 0.8~1.0GHz
Support 1G/2G DDR3 memory. Standard: 1GB
Support 4/8/16/32GB iNand Flash. Standard: 8GB eMMC
Support 2D / 3D image acceleration engine

Support   5.0 inches of RGB  LCD with 16 : 9, resolution is   800*480 (Brightness is 400Lum)
Support   7.0 inches of LVDS LCD with 16 : 9, resolution is 1024*600 (Brightness is 400Lum)
Support 10.1 inches of LVDS LCD with 16 : 9, resolution is 1280*800 (Brightness is 350Lum) 

TP Capacitive touch, P+G structure, surface hardness is 2H;G+G structure, surface hardness is 6H(optional)
Serial port Standard: RS232*3/RS485*1 with 15KVantistatic protection),another options are RS232*4,RS232*2/RS485*2,TTL(5V or 3.3V)RS232*4
Ethernet 1 built-in 1000M Ethernet to achieve remote data transmission andremote table control
WIFI +BT Embedded dual-band 2.4G/5.8G WIFI+BT4.0 Bluetooth module
USB USB HOST 2.0 for systemupdate as well as externally connectto mouse, USB flash drive and the devicewith USB interface.
TF Support TF SD card (4G~64G)
4G Adapt FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSMwireless terminals with
multiple network systems (optional)
NB-IoT Support(optional)
Audio Support audio poweramplifier that connects to speaker as well as support recording, playing andbuilt -in buzzer and microphone. (optional)
Other HDMI *1
16 sets of IO input/output, It is default with 8 input and 8 output. The 8 input were PMW*1(PIN*1),SPI*1(PIN*4),ADC*1(PIN*1),IIC*1(PIN*2) (optional)
Independent external RTC clock, built-in large battery capacity, life of about 10 years
Power & work nvironment 6V-30V wide-rangevoltage supply, working temperature: -10℃~ 70℃ , working
humidity:45%-80% RH
Dimension Main control board:165.0mm x 100.0mm (for 7.0" & 10.1")
                                 123.6mm x   81.8mm (for 4.3" & 5.0" )

10.1" LCD drive board:254.8mm x 169.0mm
  7.0" LCD drive board:185.0mm x 110.0mm
  5.0" LCD drive board:136.8mm x   87.8mm
  4.3" LCD drive board:123.5mm x   82.0mm


Software Specification

Item Descriptions
 System Android QT  Ubuntu
 Version  5.1.1Lollipop 5.4.0 12.04/14.04
 Kernel Version
 Linux 3.4.39
 Uboot Version 
 Cross compiling tool
 File format
 4G internet phone  
 Support full Netcom(optional)
 Support 2.4G and 5.8G dual-band
 Support 2.0 SPP and 4.0 BLE main mode function
 Support NB-IoT datatransmission and receiving
 Acceleration induced bygravity
 Support gravity sensing and screen rotation
 Gigabyte Ethernet
 HDMI,1920*1080P 60HZ
 Support sound playing andrecording
 Touch control
 Support capacitive multi-touch control. 5 points touch
 controls are set. Maximumtouch control can reach up
 to 10 points.
 Support mouse, keyboard andUSB drive in HID device.
 Support ADB debug, MTPreview and FT232 USB
 turning serial port
 Support ADC12- bitprecisiondata collection
 Serial port 
 Support 4 selections ofRS232 and RS485. 3/1,4/0,2/2.
 The front one is RS232.
 G3D drive
 Support 3Dspeed up
 Support 1buzzer 
 RTC battery
 Support design of time withwriting/reading reservation 
 USB Camera 
 Support preview, photo and video recording (optional)
 GPIO input/output
 Support 16 sets of GPIO input/output
 PWM*1(PIN*1)  / SPI*1(PIN*4) / ADC*1(PIN*1)
  / IIC*1(PIN*2)
 Support 1 hardware PWMoutput
 Support 1 hardware SPI datawriting/ reading
 Support 1 hardware IIC datawriting/reading
 Boot Logo
 Support boot LOGOc ustomization
 APK installation
 Support silent installationand normal installation
 Support settings for rebootprocess. The user can design
 his own reboot process.

 SDK development kit
 Functions mentioned abovecome with holistic SDK 
 development kit, manual and demo video.





1. The RS485 function of the HMI only provides the RS485 communication protocol for interface communication on the
    hardware level. The HMI converts the packet data sent by the UART into RS485 potential signal through the RS485
    conversion module, and then communicates with the RS485 device.

    HMI currently does not provide RS485 upper layer protocols , such as Modbus ect. If you need these feature agreements
     , please let us know at the time of purchase.

2. The HMI of DMATEK provides google play services, developers can develop applications using the google API and execute
    at the HMI of the DMATEK.

Power consumption test report

Power consumption test report:    Click here 


Basic Accessory 
*. For your very first purchase of an HMI smart terminal (only for the first time), one optional RS232 TO D-TYPE Cable and one
     USB TO D-TYPE Cable will be given as a gift, which is convenient for connecting to the USB interface of the computer.


HMI-6Q/D Host

2Pin DC Head Power Line

PCB Antenna (2.4G) X2

6Pin RS232/485 Adapter X2




Optional Accessory

Selection suggestions:

1. If you use HMI to develop Linux+QT, it is recommended to purchase a female-to-female extension cable and USB-RS232 adapter to facilitate the use of the USB interface of the computer.
2. The expansion test board provides test programs for each interface of the HMI to facilitate the verification and testing of software and hardware. 



12V 5A Power Line

Micro USB Data transmission line

Extended test board

USB to RS485 adapter



2Pin Speaker

USB to D-Type Cable

RS232 to D-Type Cable

Cross Cable

USB Dongle

4G Module


USB Camera



Item Name Path
1 HMI6Q-050 DM
2 HMI6Q-070 DM
3 HMI6Q-101 DM
4 List of specifications and parameters of HMI6Q series
5 DM of HMI Series