HMI-21 Intelligent Terminal (WinCE)
HMI-21 Intelligent Terminal (WinCE)
HMI-21 Intelligent Terminal (WinCE)

HMI Smart Terminal |HMI21 (WinCE)

Cortex A8 210

Model: HMI21(WinCE)
Function Overview:

    HMI21 is an intelligent terminal with ARM SamsungS5PV210 as the main body and supports Linux / WinCE system as the main axis. Inaddition to other interfaces such as IO, it also integrates communicationinterfaces such as wired and wireless, which guarantee and handly and smoothexperience for customer application.

    HMI 21 ARM based intelligent terminal is integrated and combine various sizes of LCD +capacitor touch panel/ resistive touch panel drive board (starting from4.3", 5.0", 6.2", 7.0" and 10.1"). These differentsizes of driver boards are compatible with the main board to fulfill a flexiblecombination when it comes to custom design and display.



Product Series  S5PV210 mainboard + interface + WinCE

 CT(Complete Type) :
 *. CT standard kit : RS232*3,RS485*1+GPIO*13+USB HOST+TF+USB OTG  +HDMI+RJ45+WiFi(2.4G)

 *. RS232*2/RS485*2 moduel(optional),RS232*4 module(optional),TTL(5V/3.3V) RS232*4 module(optional)
 *. 800X480(R)------> R is RGB interface
 *. 1024X600(L)-----> L is LVDS interface  



Display size/Ratio






21CE-CT043N   4.3"/16:9  350  480X272(R)  CT  WinCE Customization 
 21CE-CT050H    5.0"/16:9  400  800X480(R)  CT  WinCE  
 21CE-CT062H    6.2"/16:9  400  800X480(R)  CT  WinCE Customization 
 21CE-CT070H    7.0"/16:9  400  1024X600(L)  CT  WinCE  
21CE-CT101N 10.1"/16:9  300  1024X600(R)  CT  WinCE Customization 
21CE-CT101H 10.1"/16:9  350  1280X800(L)  CT  WinCE  




HMI Functions  




HMI Interface  4.3" mainboard:With a 4.3/5.0/7.0/10.1 inch LCD driver board



HMI Classifications  




Frame Structure




Appearance Display  

           To allow our customers to easier connect our devices with their own device, we provide several appearance options for our HMI intelligent terminal

♦ If there is need to embed HMI to user’s device, then HMI does not need a back cover, we adopt the open frame
   method which could be directly embedded into devices. Outer frame position of T, I, S as referred under specification
   classification can be selected for HMI

♦ Independent HMI is covered with aluminum case, outer frame position SC under specification classification can be
   selected for HMI

♦ 360 degrees rotation view: Left click mouse to move image left and right to view product in 360 degrees.

1. HMI21CE-CT050H-C1-4-T(I)  appearance as below 
    (T means TP is above the view screen, I means aluminum frame is above the view screen)     


2. HMI21CE-CT050H-C3-4-SC(S)  appearance as below 
    (SC is display screen with aluminum frame, mainboard has back cover; S is display 
     screen with 
aluminum frame, mainboard doesn’t have back cover)







Hardware Specification 

  Cortex A8 1.0GHz
  Support 512M/1G/2G DDR3 memory. Standard: 512GB
  Support 2/4/8/16/32GB Nand Flash. Standard: 2Gb Nand flash
  Support 2D / 3D image acceleration engine


  Support   4.3 inches of RGB  LCD with  16 : 9, resolution is  480*272(Brightness is 350Lum)
  Support   5.0 inches of RGB  LCD with  16 : 9, resolution is  800*480(Brightness is 400Lum)
  Support   7.0 inches of LVDS LCD with 16 : 9, resolution is 1024*600(Brightnessis 400Lum)
  Support 10.1 inches of LVDS LCD with 16 : 9, resolution is 1280*800(Brightness: 350Lum)

 TP   Capacitive touch, P+Gstructure, surface hardness is 2H/6H
 Serial port

  Standard: RS232*3/RS485*1 with 15KVantistatic protection). another options are
  RS232*4(optional), RS232*2/RS485*2(optional), TTL(5V/3.3V) RS232*4(optional)


  1 built-in 100M Ethernet to achieve remote data transmission andremote table

 WIFI   Embedded 2.4G wifi module
 USB   USB HOST 2.0 for systemupdate as well as externally connectto mouse, USB
  flash drive and the devicewith USB interface.
 TF    Support TF SD card (4G~64G)

  13 sets of IO input/output, they can also be set to EINT*6 (PIN*6) /  PWM*1
  (PIN*1)  / SPI*1(PIN*4) /  IIC*1(PIN*2)
 Support 3 sets of ADC.


  6V-30V wide-rangevoltage supply, working temperature: -10℃~ 75℃  , working


  Main control board:123.6mm x 81.8mm (for 4.3",5.0",7.0",10.1 LCD)

  10.1" LCD drive board:254.8mm x 169.0mm
    7.0" LCD drive board:185.0mm x 110.0mm
    5.0" LCD drive board:136.8mm x   87.8mm 
    4.3" LCD drive board:123.5mm x   82.0mm




Software Specification  



 WIFI   Support 2.4G WIFI



  100M Ethernet


  Support DHMI,1280*720P 60HZ



 Touch Control

  Support capacitive multi-touch control.


  Support mouse, keyboard andUSB drive in HID device.,support CP2012,
  FT232, CH340/341 USB to serial port driver


  Support for Windows synchronization

 ADC Modulus

  Support 0~3.3V collection

 Serial port

  Support TTL and  4 selections of RS232 & RS485.




  Support 1 buzzer

 RTC battery

  Support design of time withwriting/reading reservation 


  13 sets of IO input/output, they can also be set to 
  EINT*6 (PIN*6) /  PWM*1(PIN*1)  / SPI*1(PIN*4) /  IIC*1(PIN*2) 


  Support 1 hardware PWM output


  Support 1 hardware SPI datawriting/ reading


  Support 1 hardware IIC datawriting/reading

 Boot LOGO

  Support boot LOGO customization




  Support settings for rebootprocess. The user can design his own reboot process.

 SDK development kit

  Functions mentioned abovecome with holistic SDK development kit, manual
  and demo video.







Item Name Path
1 HMI21-050 DM
2 HMI21-070 DM
3 HMI21-101 DM
4 List of specifications and parameters of HMI21 series