Smart Helmet Positioning Solution | UWB-SHP

Smart Helmet Solution

Model: UWB-SHP

1. Avaible to work in environment with no access to network/internet

2. Utilizes GPS positioning for outdoor area

3. Self-power supply for indoor environement

4. Integrated NB-IoT, no more additional network connection required

5. Intelligent cloud monitoring, allows user to grasp situation in real time

6. SMS alert for abnormal activity

7. Remote broadcast alarming situation in the event of emergency




DEMO Video

 1. A construction site crisis can happen anywhere at anytime; Hence IoT helmet is introduced to remotely monitor on site worker's working status

System Overview  

This intelligent helmet integrates various sensors to detect human body activity and transmit those data through Wi-Fi or NB-IoT to the cloud server.


The structure of the system includes:

1) Hardware: Intelligent helmet (Integrated sensors that detects various body actives, motion sensor, current location, emergency button)

2) Software: Cloud site management platform


System Functions And Features

 Construction site digitalisation

Personnel motion tracking, allows real time location tracking

   Periodic location update, allowing user to monitoring the most up date location of the wearer.


Detects whether the wearer is wearing the helmet

Fall detection and alarm

      Built in accelerometer for detecting falling event and call for emergency support.

Health Detection

   Detects heart rate and body temperature in real time.


Battery level and low battery announcement

   Periodically upload current battery status to the system. Should the battery level falls below the threshold the system will auto generate a low battery  reminder.


Real time device search

   Quick search allows the user to quickly browse and search for the device during emergency event.


Fully integrated RFID system used in access managmenet

     In response to on-site personnel scheduling, different working hours, temporary outings, leave, etc., this system uses RFID at the entrance. Which allows the system to record status of on-site personnel entering and leaving the factory.



Exportable managing record


     This system is capable to observe the accumulated hours from each building contractor and their type of work.
     It could also record working hours/type/content and total on site workers every day or during a specific period.




Message broadcasting

      Broadcasting voice messages to all device wearer at any time.




Hardware Configuration





       After years of development and countless mold improvements to combine hardware and software functions, we finally designed a complete solution for our intelligent helmet positioning system; This intelligent helmet integrates multiple sensors to detect various physiological signals of human body and upload it to the cloud through NB-IOT or WiFi or LoRa. In association with the cloud monitoring software we developed, users are allowed to always monitor the physiological status of personnel on site. In the event of any emergency, the system immediately notifies and report to the administrator for further support which protects and insured the safety of the labor.


The system includes:

1) Hardware: Intelligent helmet (helmet integrates standard physiological signal monitoring, motion monitoring, positioning monitoring and optional distress button and anti-collision monitoring).

(2) Software: Cloud management platform as the upper layer of the main application software, real-time monitoring for any condition and allows two way communication between the administrator and labour.



Hardware and software configuration 

 Item Descriptions Quantity
 1 Dasloop Intelligent Safety Helmet × 1 Standard

Color options: White, blue, yellow, red

 2 Heavy Duty Vehicle - TAG  × 1  Optional  
 3 Indoor positioning module – Per (BLE Beacon) × 1 Optional  
 4 18650 Li-ion battery, with 8 slot charging bay × 1  Optional  
 5 Wireless charging pad (hanging) For 5 helmets  × 1   Optional  
 6  WiFi module  × 1   Optional  
 7 Accessories - Headlamps  × 1    Optional  
 8 Accessories – Panic Button × 1  Optional  
 9 Accessories – Cooling Fans × 1  Optional  
 10 System setup and technical support (per project), includes training on equipment and system usage. item Standard  Per project 
  11 3D modeling software sketching up service item Optional  Per project

Public Announcement System

(Maximum 5 voice message playback)
 item  Optional   Per project
  13 DasMain (Update information)  item Optional


 14 Helmet Refurbishing service (After 24 hours)  × 1   Optional    
 15 Full inspection and deep clean  × 1    Optional    





Item Name Path
1 The DM about smart helmet solution